Preserving food & What I grow on my property

with the new trees in it might be some time till I have my own fruit, however that wont stop me foraging. A true human endeavor, a sense of providing, man against the wilds, coming home with food- a basic man thing but many of us dont get to experience, money in the bank is just not the same, we cant touch it, smell it or fell it, just numbers on some computer. Take me to any wild tree and let me wonder through it, pick the fuit and contemplate just how much I can carry.

What I have so far.

Chooks- for eggs and meat

Fruit & nut trees

Peach– 1 eating & 1 cling stone for bottling (although I love eating this 1), Plum– mariposa and saraposa- the true blood plums- great for eating and bottling, sauce etc, Pears– 1 eating & 1 bottling, Nectarine, Apple granny smith and johnny and 1 Almond tree, Bay and fig tree. 1 Lemon tree already here, so just a prune. Thornless blackberry, Raspberry, Josterberry (2 others)

To get: Quince, Walnut, lime, curry, orange, mandarin, kiwi fruit, passion fruit, Banana & Avocado, Tasmanian pepper, Blueberry

Herbs: Garlic– purple

Herbs to get: I will have Marjoram, Oregano, Mint, Thyme, Sage, Lemon grass, chives, basil ( seasonal), coriander & will research just what else I can grow.

I will also provide a list of vegetables that I will grow and just what to do with them- re what products I can make with them and what they replace and the worth of what they are.

Just how much can I save and can I work out the saved tonnes of co2 ?



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