My Beliefs about Life and other topics

Topics to cover.

native animals: Its simple really, we came over from Europe and brought with us all our European animals and plants, we did not have to eat native animals, thus we forged no real value to start with, as time passed, native animals became pests so the value was of an opposite one. Now we as a government have put all rules and regulations around owning, interacting or even killing and eating these critters. So how can we even form a value?. We don’t even see them, or even understand what their role is in the landscape. How can wildlife charities and biodiversity centres expect people to support them, when there is no emotional connection to these animals. Is being cute really going to cut it, if it was do you really think our biodiversity would be in crisis? 

rubbish: Why do we dump rubbish well apparently we have always been doing it, indigenous people used to discard their waste in piles ( middens), the only thing that has changed is we have replaced the material aspect from biodegradable bones, leaves, animal and plan material to plastics. Thus indigenous people get the blame for leaving rubbish around their communities but really they are just doing what they have always done. Have we really learned from the dont litter campaign”” I think not, we still have waste everywhere at the beach, in our parks on our roads. Should we concentrate our efforts on the material that packaging is made from?. Is it that we are not connected to or landscape so we trash it?. What if we all understood that our landscape gives us our mental health and wellbeing, social connections and aids in our social cohesion, would that make a difference?.

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1 Response to My Beliefs about Life and other topics

  1. Jo Caminiti says:

    A kindred spirit 🙂 as Anne of Green Gables would say…
    We should be utilising our native plants and animals for food, fibre/leather, and companionship – it doesn’t mean we don’t value them, it means we can value them even more for what they provide as well as their intrinsive belonging in our landscapes, and for being ‘cute’. Being a ‘free range’ farm raised kid who hunted, fished and gathered, I have immense appreciation for the bounty provided by nature, and the need to look after nature so that it looks after us. I look forward to reading more on gippslandwideharvest.

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