Prepping, no ones laughing now!

SOOOO, have I just justified the way I live, maybe maybe not.

I actually like living this way and its more about my connection to landscape, to my food and my footprint on the planets resources. I am not worried about running out of food, we have heaps. Tomatoes are going well, spuds had a cracking year as well. I put this down to looking after my soil for the living thing that it is.

I am busy getting wood at the moment, but really collecting now for 2021, which is where we need to be, its more about if I got hurt, then I know the family will be fine for the next 12 months. Getting wood with friends is the best, 2 or 3 men/people will always do more work then 2 to 3 individuals.

I now have 5.7KW of solar on the roof and I love it, it rocks- thanks very much to Sunny Afternoons. It is covering all of my electricity needs, another step to self sufficiency.
I enjoy the physical side to my life style, to be in touch with the seasons, to feel the cold but enjoy it for what it is, a time to be inside with loved ones, warming by the fire form the wood that I cut, carted, split and stacked.


This is my little treasure for those that dont know, a simple garden shed, covered in pallets of wood, and inside the pallets is insulation, the roof has another layer of insulation as well.
It has all my food stored in there

my Kitchen storage shed

I have made about 50 jars so far and wont stop until the tomatos are all finished. If I end up with too much, I can share with friends and family.


This is the first year the trees have produced apples, granny smith for cooking and an eating apple. I will store them for as long as I can then slowly stew them and preserve them in jars.



and always keep your eyes on the next step, winter Veg, I have planted Broc, cauli, cabbages and in time garlic and onions.


About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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