Planting for Summer, the Boom Season

This season looks to be a cracker, I can say now that I have the most fruit on my tress since planting them, I have suffered some curly leaf here and there but not enough to stop bud set.
its early days and I am yet to net my fruit trees, every time I hear a cocky swooping overhead, my heart races. It’s going to get Hot, like real hot and I might lose a lot due to that intense 40 odd degree days. I am using my Gray water every day on my fruit trees and about to get some loads of sow manure and put all around them.

I have the veggie garden going full noise, full of corn, tomato and potato, with smatterings of silver beet, pumpkin, zucchini, chilli, cucumber, and squash still to grow. I am more connected this year, we are staying home to reap the harvest and my intention to eat 3 times per week, plant-based meals, I might actually us some of my Veg, instead of giving a lot of it away, which I still intend doing.

I have been busy collecting wood from everywhere I can, mostly done with a good friend of mine, hard work and sharing the spoils is good for the soul and cements friendships

Full loaded apricot tree, they seem to do better when its drier

Apricot tree

I have decided to plant more spuds this year


corn glorious corn, notice the spacing, jam them in as much as you can, and they will love you for it


I am growing standard Roma this year, my dream is to plant San Mazarno, plum tomatoes, they are the best for passata


Toamtos and silverbeet


About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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