Spring Has Sprung

Woo- Mind blown- its September and months since I posted. Started out as a pretty good Winter, got a few deer on the ground, freezer has been full of protein. No pressure there. Got plenty of winter Veg, Broccoli, cabbage and as you can see, my largest ever cauli. Done my Garlic planting and now looking at preparing the beds for the summer crop planting.

check this link out, the best ever cauli you can eat.

September/ October are my Wood season months, the plan is to fill the sheds before it gets too hot and plenty of time for the wood to dry out.

Autumn has wooshed by, got a few garden beds resting and will give them love soon. As you can see from the photos I got onto our usual property that we hunt rabbits on, Mushrooms lots of them, Horse Mushrooms, they are big and Bloody- Vegan Steak! and smashing, I love them very much. Nothing at all like store mushrooms, which are bland, bland bland.

The fruit trees are already flowering and lets hope that I have sprayed them enough to stop the curly leaf. They are all pruned since winter and I will start to give them some compost material in the next few months

Its almost time to dust of the boat and get back into some squid fishing.




Bucket o Mushies

Horse Mushrooms

Pan frying

Better much

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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