Autumn, here so soon

Wow, its early April, well I have been very slack and busy at the same time. Being part of the fire response in Gippsland has seen me spend a lot of time away. Thats time away from what I do best and that is to find or grow and share food.

This blog is predominately based around collecting food, but its undercurrent are to share the way that I live. I have started using Boomerang Bags, locally sourced cloth bag, made from used cloth. Washable, light and strong. The current “Green” super market bags are still made from plastic!!!.

Boomerang Bags

Plus the photo of my Biome products (, inside the box are stainless steel pegs, that will last a lifetime, dish brush, toothbrush and some steel straws for the kids. These are up there for being 100% recycled. But its not about finding the best, its about starting to look for better options that what we currently have.



Its been a good year for wood and sadly as the climate changes, there will be more and more tree death, its a hiding to no where really


This little babies, came up all by themselves, I have about 10, so looking forward to eating soup, scones and roast, but then sharing



About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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