Things to Ponder for a Harvester

Sometimes I would not wish on my worst enemy what goes through my head, every time I start my car, buy something, drink a coffee, purchase food. Just how much is enough, what is acceptable for sustainable living, is it even possible?

I look around my house, I see all the plastic, all the resources all the Stuff that has gone into making what I own or possess and its not forever, the legacy is but the use could be a day, year, lifetime but then what.

I did go fishing for enjoyment, I try to quell my fears for the planet so i can just enjoy something without all the questions of sustainability running through my mind, so Yep, I used my diesel car to get my fiberglass boat, fill it with unleaded petrol, buy some bait! then drive for an hour and a half to go fishing for the day, taking my tin of tune and drinks. hmmm – whats so bad- oil is in my diesel, petrol, boat, they all exhaust carbon monoxide and Co2, I got some bait, that in itself is unsustainable, blue bait should be left in the ocean to feed the food chain. Not to mention fishing line, plastic in my rod and reel, where do i start and stop. Do I stay home and be miserable knowing the planet is going down the gurgler anyway or add to its demise or I am just way to serious?.

All was not lost, I brought food home for my family



What I have been doing and yep, still filled with emotions is cutting wood, not cutting down trees, but cutting up fallen timber to heat my home and heat my water, wood that is shelter and food for critters of the earth. This only matters without population at billions and having a major effect on the planetary system, maybe I should not sweat the small stuff, we will go extinct as all other earth creatures before us.

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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