Time to valuate

Its been a long time between drinks, seasons roll in and roll out, I keep thinking that I am repeating myself with my blog, but I guess if your new then, you may have not read my other posts and also reminders for people what season we are up to and what we should be doing. So my plan is to blog less content but more often

I have included some images of my chooks-These were raised by myself, costing $1.60 each for 20 1 day old chick. I kept them in the shed, under a heat lamp and fed on chicken crumble, bought from Traralgon stock feeds (Rodwells), great place with good staff. Once a few weeks old, I started feeding them on minced venison, I call it protein conversion. They grow very. very fast and were ready by 12 weeks, which is actually very large. I still supplement their food with chicken crumble and in the latter part with bags of pollard ( each bag lasts about 1 week and only adds on about a dollar. The venison mince is fantastic and they go crazy for it.


I then killed them over a period of a week, skinning them, I find it easier thats all. I bury everything that I dont use into the veggie garden.


These were the first heads of brocoli for the year, i planted about 10 plants and will leave them in the ground for the next few months, harvesting the new leaf bud heads as they grow. These were planted march with sugar cane mulch.


The cauliflower is not like the brocoli and will only grow 1 head. Both of these I blanch, drain and freeze on oven trays overnight, then bag up the following morning, so you have separate frozen piece.


The next few images are of minced venison, that when not feeding the chooks, I use to feed my cat and dog, making them almost sustainable pets. Simple- Kill deer, bone out and mince the primals ( whole muscles). ( Topside, rump etc). Then roll into handful burgers, place on trays and freeze, once, frozen bag up, fo you can give each pet one per day.




Around the yard, I have pruned the fruit trees and fed them with fertilizer, I have also got a whole trailer of cow manure and put 2 barrow loads per garden bed, layed down like a blanket over the beds, I will let these beds rest then dig it in about September, before summer planting.
Each Winter is a good time to review, learn and shape how I use the garden beds. I will be planting less onions and maybe start planting more leafy greens.
Its a good time of year to rest, take stock and valuate what your doing, feed the fruit trees and change beds if you need. I would like to get out squid fishing, although I have plenty from some swapped vension. I am watching the wood pile go down slowly.

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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