Fin, Fur and Fungus

Protein and sugar can be found in many places in the wilds of Gippsland. I cannot do this all alone, which is why my networks of family and friends are so important to my lifestyle.

This blog is not for the squirmish, its about real life and real food. I like most humans on the planet are omnivores, we seek protein and animals provide that protein for me and my family. I take an interest in looking after the animals I take for food and try to best to honor them with no wastage.

FIN: comes from a fishing day that I had recently, I have shared that with 3 families so far. Every bit of these fish will be used. Fillets for me, smaller pieces will go toward the cat and the rest will be minced back into burley and used to attract other fish next time, we go fishing, putting most of it back into the system where it derived.


FUR: The next adventure out was to collect some protein from the land “free”, in fact its a service that we help out farmers with bunny problems,  10 rabbits can eat as much as 1 sheep and its not hard to find 10 bunnies where we go. Whilst rabbit shooting I noticed that its mushroom season and I am not afraid to grab them as well, its more protein and I don’t need to kill an animal to get it. The rabbits were cared for, killed outright with a swift bullet, they did not hear nor feel, they are merely free in mind and spirit then they are not.

Below are the photos of how I turned this protein into cat food, its a waste not eating it myself, but maybe 1 day. I do provide 1 family with rabbit meat and get HOT chilli sauce in return. They are cleaned and kept on ice, cut up and minced bones and all for cat food.

FUNGUS: As I was saying, its MUSHROOM Season- please do yourself a favour, go and get a field mushroom and eat it, then go back to your supermarket and try them, they are not anything a like.

I went on my bi monthly expedition tot he farm, way the mountains of Gippsland, where my butchering skills have become sought after. I can swap my trade labor for fresh meat from the farm, enjoy the farm life, have holidays and get my kids to experience a real life. The farm, just calls me (metaphorically)  and I get the urge to go up the hills. After cutting up 5 sheep, I enjoyed driving around with the kids ( Chloe is 10) I let her get behind the wheel of the car and drive around the paddocks with me in the passenger seat. Its not dangerous, its only perceived danger, its more important for her later in life than me trying o keep them locked up. What is danger, the planet is well overpopulated and here we are trying to keep every human on the planet alive. Life, its made for living!.

This was break this morning and will be breaky till they are all gone!. Man I love autumn. I have planted my winter veg, no weeding, no watering, why people don’t embrace this time of year?

Below is inside my kitchen shed- some tummies that are now in jars and what you can see is empty jars, garlic, onions, jams, passata, home brew apple cider and some odds and sods of goodies. I have added some apples to the shed now and will soon have pumpkins inside as well.

My first butternut for the season went to my parents, it seemed fitting.


What I am doing inside the house is using my empty fowlers preserving jars to start storing my food in and remove most of the plastic from my life.


About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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