Seasonal Eating

I am a busy little beaver at the moment, about to go and surrender myself to the blackberry bush. I am also booked in to go shooting on a farm, bunny are what I am after. If your felling squeemish then dont!. I for one can debate that killing another creature is not right or is it?. This is earth land of the plants and animals, its war out there, its survival of the fittest. Dont take yourself so seriously, we live and we die, and no one cares in the long run, no one will remember you and that is just life on earth. I am trying to protect Australia’s wildlife, plants and animals from one of the most destructive invasive animals on the planet and because I dont like waste and my family owns a Cat. I dont want to part of the rest of society that feeds their cat fish form the ocean, that should be left there or possibly fed to starving humans ( another debate for another time).

My big take home message is use your food first,

Below is a series of photos- Corn- harvested outside with the kids, then cut up, blanched for 5 minutes in boiling water then placed in the freezer on trays. Once frozen they can be put into a large bag so its easy to get later.





The below photo is of tomatos ripenng. I pick them orange to red, then put them in my kitchen shed so they can ripen in the Dark ( NOT ON THE WINDOW SILL). I will pick for a week and process them at the end during the weekend.

I use my passata fixing on my little mincer, puree tomato comes out and I then boil it for a while, add a touch of salt, then using washed jars, put them in the oven on low, once they are hot, I fill the hot jars with Hot tomato puree, I will add 1 fresh basil leaf per jar and tighten the lid, as it cools it seals and thats it. Easy Peasy



About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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