No rest for the Wicked

Its definitely the growing season, garden is looking great. My Little shed is starting to fill up, Garlic, Onion, homebrew and also the tomatoes that I am storing whilst they turn red.
Here is the thing- pick your tomatos, whilst they are still orange and put them in the DARK (Not the window sill)- they ripen in the dark- hence when you pick tomato’s, the red opens are in the middle where its most darkest.
I have my favorite San Marzano tomatoes in this year to get the best passata.

Garden Jan 2017

Garden Jan 2017

What I relish about this year, its Harvest time, in the garden but also out in the wilds, fishing is good, blackberries are starting to ripen and lost of animals and produce is around. MY Car is still eating what I can find- Rabbit, fish (Carp), Deer and left over fish that we dont use when filleting the fish. The idea for feeding the car pest animals make sense to me, I am not going to be part of feeding the cat food that an be used for humans or should be left in the ocean for the food chain.
The Meal below is a huge bonus for me- nearly everything on the plate comes from me.

Gummy shark, tomato, cucumber, lemon...

Gummy shark, tomato, cucumber, lemon…

All my Garlic and onions are no win storage and will get used as the year goes by. My Wood shed is full- thats 12 meters of wood, cut and drying under cover to use during the year. I will be out picking blackberries as well very soon



My Weekend was spent getting baby carp ( Pest fish) out of some small flooded land next to a river and move some native fish to safer places as it dries up. I will use some of the fish for cat food and some more for garden fertiliser. I have also empted the worm farms from work into my veggie garden and yes it stinks to high heaven, but in a few weeks the smell will be gone and the garden will thank me for the nutritious input.

Now is not the time to rest, now is the time to work hard, gather food, store it, preserve it, so during the winter you can feast on the harvest and sit by the fire and not have to worry about going out into the cold to forage and gather when the season is minmised.

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A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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