Family Therapy

We are moving into the busy season, time to get planting and get fishing and outdoors. Outdoors is not really about your physical state but for your brain to “Reboot”, nature offers us so much and yet we sit inside and stare at the TV- eat crap food, then take drugs cause we dont feel very well!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Get, up right now!, get outside- anywhere, backyard, park, bush, walk down the local stream- relax, gain an appreciation for the wonder of nature, for what Mother Nature has created to sustain this planet and us.

Simple things usual brings dilemmas to myself- should I save seeds for the next year. If what I am saying i show easy it is to live like me, then it needs to be easy- easy of the mind, yep we need to avoid Plastic like its poison, but sometimes its better than not anything. So I sit at my backdoor and look at the seedlings I have bought form the shops- all thoughts run through my mind- mostly about me doing extra. I work fulltime, do a few things for the community and try to live sustainable as I can, but it seems to Nag at the soul that we or I can always extra. How much is enough? Thats the ultimate question that needs answering.



Seedlings are a solution that is much better than buying veggies- they have less carbon in their transactions, they feed my family without pesticides, without transport miles, without any storage carbon. They feed my soul- It turns out that, there are microbes in the soil that helps depression, I dont have depression but it can only help. Men are hunter-gatherers and are generally about providing for their families. Food binds our families together, veggie gardens or food gathering is probably the best day out- if we viewed it as family therapy instead of a chore and had it up there with going to fun parks and the like- I think we would be much better off. It would give everybody a sense of purpose, give opportunities for family members to interact, rely on each other and be a family unit, learn values and so much more



My Garden is ready for the summer season, onions & Garlic still grow- I have planted tomato’s, pumpkin, cucumber,beans, corn and chillies- we dont need much else- I will find a place for spuds at dads.

Below are some enjoyable things about Wild harvesting- catching snapper at Port Welsh pool- I have cut this up into cutlets and put on a tray to freeze, once frozen I will store it in a bag. I do this for most of my stuff I am freezing. Bacon, blanched veggies, anything really.




This was a meal, a gold star meal in my mind- Calamari that I caught, my broccoli, my onion & preserved tomato’s – Its about the journey of food gathering- I can remember getting, gorwing ,harvesting my food- What does your food journey look like- do you know much about it?



About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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