Seasons of change

Well every time I seem to write something I am blabbing on about the new season that is upon us, but that most likely means I am not writing enough. It’s been a season to learn from, good crop of pumpkins, nearly all butternut, which is fine. I have 3 large greys.

The garden is looking pretty tired- time for a rest. I still have not planted any winter veg as yet, but I am almost reluctant to as I have beans, beans and more beans, maybe I might plant some late broccoli. It’s always a good time to really think about just what you are eating- I actually cut out my thornless blackberry, even though it was going crazy, it’s all about the room, I needed the room, and I can get wild blackberries at the drop of a hat. It would be very different should I have land, that’s a whole other story, what I would not do…….


I have already found lots of wonderful mushrooms, wonderful, much better than the white flavourless things they serve up in the supermarkets. These guys pack a punch!. I like to fry with garlic, served with soft eggs, mmmmmm.

I have done some butchering at the farm and now have a freezer full of meat, no money needed to change hands, just swapped my skill for meat, win win. I have some snags to make and will post some photos of that process, I think I need a cool room- hmmm I do have the room in my shed. Now there’s an idea. I seem to have some little rats getting around my kitchen shed.

I have added some features and started mud bricking up the corner joins, to make it a snug fit. It certainly is a lot cooler already, but that bit extra should help it maintain even better temps.

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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