Passata Train

I love this time of year, but it always reminds me to get more organised. I am having trouble with my Tespade mincer- only the tomato attachments broke, I had a local engineering firm fix it but it broke again the other night, leading me back to my old trusty hand machine. I will persist with getting it fixed and hope they will come to the party and replace the parts.

My tommies did not do so well this year, well what actually happened was the toms that I planted did not grow and were dwarfed by cherry toms- which are not great for passata- too much liquid, small seeds and painful to pick. I found a local grower whom was happy to part with bucket full of Romas.

I always involve the kids, they love it and I know its these memories that will last their lifetime, not what their latest toy is but doing foody stuff as a family. I am yet to change over to the traditional Italian way- I am still doing it all hot- It helps to move off some of the watery liquid that you can get in the jars. Anyway- my goal is to have my machine working and do it cold then a large water bath for the jars of tomato passata. The only thing I put in the jars is a sprig of Basil and sometimes a wee bit of salt. I am in two minds whether to use my fowlers jars for the storing or keep up with the passata jars. I have found a supplier that I can get them off. I think as long as you change the lids over every now and then- they should last for years and years. Oh and Glass wont contaminate you like plastics do.




Food is Free
I am still supporting this group and look after their facebook page. I would like to do some guerrilla gardening a bit more but will get to i when I can.



Banana Cake
Just because all good days should end with baking a cake and eating it while its still hot!- Me I love banana cakes as it uses up old bananas.


About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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