Resources everywhere

its amazing just how much resources there are to be had. Everywhere you look, and a lot of things we do, produce some kind of output. What possibilities are there? In this resource hungry life, many of them we just cannot simply off set, however if we are prepared to “get our hand dirty” lots of things are possible.

Pet Food- is a massive global burden, there are starving people around the globe, while our pets are overweight in the western countries, causing global warming with their plastic toys, eating human fit food like sardines from the oceans, robing sea birds and penguins from their daily food. Our very pets put tonnes of salt from the food that we feed them into the waterways in the way of faeces.

I know many will argue that pets re adorable and are good for people, I wont argue that, its we just need some perspective and the ability to take it on board. 1 pet is itself all find and dandy- its just when we put them together and they are in the millions, and we feed them food that is fit for human consumption.

To overcome this I have paired two things together- controlling pest animals and providing food to my pet cat. I can put the bones and all through the mincer and it comes out fantastic.



Just a little treat- We have a mushroom that lives in the back yard and we harvest form that- its got about 20 mushrooms.! Thankyou Mother Nature

One last thing- My Wood shed is full- whats more exciting is the bark that is left over from splitting and carting- I have been running through the mulcher and am now putting that on my garden beds- I dont like to waste anything

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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