Squirrels Larder

Though not a very Aussie animal, the humble squirrel turns up in most of our stories and kids cartoons. We soon get the gist of what they are about. For many though it may not hit home till they go on a journey of preserving food, food for later.

What later, how long, when you have squirreled something precious away, when is it ok to open it, cross that one off your list and know that you have one less. I guess its like owning a good wine cellar. I am not one to keep stuff for when the queen might visit, I am the most important person in my life and if my things are not meant for me, then whom for. Mid February, nearly five months ago, I was picking blackberries in a dry creek bed, hearing copper head snakes slither off into the dense growth, my hands picking for all I am worth. The squirrel having possessed my body wants to gather and gather and gather, but I can only get so much.
There is only so much blackberry jam I can eat, though my friends are always happy to see blackberry jam come their way but I only have so many hours in the day. The cherished gold mine lingers heavy in my thoughts, should I pop back and get just a few more, the birds are only eating them and then there will be no more once they have finished for another 12 months.

So it’s Late June, cold outside and yes it’s time to open a jar of preserved blackberries- the smell, heavy in sweet fruit, my dear little purple berries. Cooked in custard- don’t get silly with these, this is no time to be master chef! – This is simple, slow, and sole warming food.

Blackberries & Custard

Blackberries & Custard

Thought I had better show you where they are being served

Best Setting

Best Setting

Then for breaky- whom needs to buy yoghurt with blackberries in them. Make your own

Vanilla Yoghurt with Blackberries

Vanilla Yoghurt with Blackberries

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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