Embrace the Harvest- free cooking

The Smell of wood burning hits my nose every time I open my gate, autumn is here. It’s not super cold but enough to bother the pumpkins busy trying to finish off the seasons fruit, the tomatos are done. I have up to 40 odd jars of passata, they have done their job, I will let them rest! My Little Shed is slowly getting there, its roof is finished, the walls are nearly finished, already it has lots of product sitting inside its walls, ready for use- I have tagged it as the Kitchen, but its seems to be the “Little Shed”.

In the photo is Gold in the form of pumpkin, grey, I have grown about 30 for the season, we will not eat that much, I am happy to feed my neighbours, family and friends, plus good to have spare for some good old produce swapping.

As Far as the Harvesting, I have been feasting on Mushrooms, they are everywhere, pity the poor public whom are all scared in thinking that they are all poisonous, yep there are some but there are so many that are very edible. It’s like focusing on the potato’s, if green they will make us sick otherwise fantastic.


honey- hmm from a friend that lives just down the road- talk about sustainable- Bees busy improving the neighbourhood fruit & Veg supply and for their efforts, we steal their honey. I swapped for some meat that I acquired through my butchering skills.

Meat- a trip to karoonda Park- did some cutting up for them, meat for me, beast cut up for them- win win, that it what makes the world go round, no this crap money stuff that does us no good. I go to the farm for my kids; I want them to experience real life, to know where real food comes from and what it takes to get it to the plate. A large table of mince, chuck bones, rolled beef and some casserole and Vola some into snags as well



King fish- just turns up at the door step, don’t get me wrong would have loved to be the one on the end of the line. Caught out near cliffy island in Bass strait, ethically and sustainably, this fish was not hauled into a net, frozen, trucked to Melbourne fish market, trucked back to the fish shop, is I could buy it use my diesel to take it home and then electricity to freeze it- hmm our way – trying to provide food for the masses is just flawed.

To top things off- was working from home on Friday and fire going, just thought I would cook for free as well. Pumpkin soup with you guessed it, my pumpkin, garlic, onion, herbs and a rolled beef roast done in tomato passata with onion, garlic & carrots. Does life get better?


It’s all about this concept- I do not think the way we do things today is cutting the mustard- we must design and use our appliances for multiple thing. When my fire is going its heating my house, heating my water and cooking my dinner all without an ounce of electricity.

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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1 Response to Embrace the Harvest- free cooking

  1. fergie51 says:

    No joy at all for pumpkins from me this season. 😦 Love mushrooming, nothing better than field mushiness on toast!

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