whats in your Diary?

Just some randoms from the garden- I have left the spuds int he ground till I need them, when it looks like the weather might start getting cold and crappy I will dig them all up and store them in the preserving shed

Also I have been very triumph this year int he tomato department, passata is my main option and have some 30 odd jars full. I have also did some sun dried tommie’s and even some skinned and preserved, using my fowler’s jars.

One of the most effective ways to garden is using a diary about the season, what you plant, what bed and the general state of play. How can you become a better gardener if you dont have the mistakes to learn and get better from.

For instance, this year I did not plant and zucchini or squash but planted a lot more tomato’s. This has seemed to suit our family. I have a few capsicums and chillie’s. I did not plant enough beans. What I did late last year was to plant a late flush of broccoli and prospered well from it.

I planted too many pumpkins that have taken over the yard. but thats ok- I also have wild tomato’s coming up all over the place, I just add them in with my tomato’s.

My corn was super this year and could have planted more- its this amounts and when you planted that keeps your garden getting better for your family. Thats the beauty of growing food, grow what you want that your family uses and eats, try new things and if you ended up not eating it then why grow it again. I need to make space for asparagus- that my next venture.

its how history and humans have bettered themselves and the greats of history have succeeded by recording the events and looked for ways to improve. Thats what a diary is, its a recording of your experiment and then you can reflect on what happened and next year you get to try to better what you are doing.

The next steps are Winter Veg! Its on its way and now we get to plant broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, brussel sprouts broad beans and the list goes on. Looking forward to it but ever thankful form the past season






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A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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1 Response to whats in your Diary?

  1. fergie51 says:

    Passata here passata there, passata everywhere! Love it 🙂

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