Stained Fingers

So why stained fingers you ask? Well its blackberry picking time and that means stained fingers and prickled hands.

Its been a very different season, we have had some real luck with rain coming through and not overly hot days- well actually last week I lit the fire- now before i get accosted with being quite thin on my tolerance scale! tis a double edged sword. My great solar hotwater/ wetback system has done wonders, but I have chosen to not have it connected to electricity for a backup booster and the spate of unusually hot weather has seen my hot water now being not very hot- so a cold night was the answer to light the fire to give it a boost, we are now heading back into a supposed normal summer and should be fine.

We as a family found a spot not more than 2 km from home to pick some blackberries- we got through it- not everyone has my ZEST for wild harvesting- I hope it will instill in my kids how it was instilled by my parents. I get so excited to pick them for free- blackberry Jam, Pies, blackberries in custard, ice cream- my list grows each time I get my hand son the little blighters. I dont actually want to go home but just keep on picking, there is literally bucket loads there- I will return to get enough to preserve for a later date.

Blackberries & stained fingers

Blackberries & stained fingers

Tommies- ox heart, gross lisse, Roma and some wild truss throw ins- these all add to a great season for Tomatos. I have bucket loads but thats always the plan- make sun while it shines, next season may not be so kind. I will try to preserve in some shape or form about 20 jars of either passata jars or fowlers jars of Passata, skinned and maybe some sun dried.
I have not seen anybody help themselves out the front- i think I need a better sign.
Now you might see some not so ripe tomatoes in the bottom dish- this is my system- when they are nearly red pick them and ripen them off in the dark shed- Tomatoes need warmth, not light, to ripen, so there’s no need to put them on a sunny windowsill. Place them out of direct sunlight — even in a dark cupboard — where the temperature is 18 to 20c degrees. By doing this I am removing the tomatoes from pests whom love to attack them at their weakest- Yep- when they are at their prime RED!!!
I will collect them for a about 1 week then get all the bottles ready and do a batch- this saves me form cleaning the mincer machine too much and the mess is the same whether I do 1 jar or 15- so I wait usually I will try to involve another person and share the love or teach someone else how I do tomato’s- nothing new in fact by listening, watching, learning- anyone can grow & preserve tomatos. But it still amazes me that people buy herbs!


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A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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  1. fergie51 says:

    Looking similar here too! Love it.

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