Harvest Time

Wow its already January- this are really pushing along in the garden, I have harvested, blanched and frozen the corn, harvested beans, started on the tomato passata sauce train. The tomato’s are really going well. The Pumpkin have decided that they want the whole backyard and I am happy for them to roam, and roam they will. Things that I am missing from the garden are chilies- I thin I planted them but they are now buried under the tomatos. oh well- I will swap with someone somehow. I will be looking for them later as I make my famous Tomato sauce with chilli- its delightful.

What I will be searching for at the moment is blackberries- not too difficult. Satsuma plums to make the best plum jam and sauce ever. Apricots for some jam and maybe even make some apricot turnovers. Roadside apples are a plenty, but I still have some apple puree in the fowlers jars.




One of the most important things to do with produce is to share- this is a goodies basket that I made up when visiting friends.

Project wise: My preserving shed is coming along well- so far I dont think I have bought anything for it- all recycled material- pallets for the outside walls, insulation that I had left over and some old foam mattress in the shed. The outside I will clad like weatherboards and corrugated iron round the back. Its mostly set up inside- just need to install the sink and some more shelving and I think I am set.


About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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