Tis the season to be Jolly

Wow- its crazy this time of year and dang hard to be a sustainable person at this time of year. It bad enough thinking of all the STUFF we buy that we dont need- I think Christmas is being downgraded- we have all let big business bring us down and forget the real value of this time of year- Nothing is being saved for a special time!. Our kids get stuff at anytime throughout the year- I am not sure they actually get special. Growing up on the farm it was our birthday or Christmas and mum & dad could only afford 1 of us kids to get a larger more expensive present- so each year it was someone else turn!. Imagine that today- it would be on A current affair for being bad parents.

I am no way in the slightest bit religious- and would be happy for people to stop referring to them selves as 1 or the other- People are not a religion they are from that country- simple- be proud of your heritage. There are no races of people- there are only geographical differences because of where we originated from- white skin- from the cold, hot from the warmer- its called adaptation.

Without sounding like the Grinch- what a footprint Christmas has become- think of this- when you die and someone is reading your eulogy- do you think for once they will mention anything about the stuff you bought, the presents, the gifts, the money. It will only be about the human emotions- that all we care about- you were kind, loving, family originated or they might refer the holidays that you took the family on- its still referring to memories.

So whats going on in my little world- I have been nominated for a local food champion with a local community Health service- I am chuffed-

The garden is crazy good- I need more acres to work, grow and share. I am still waiting to see if my community orchard grant gets up- it about planting up to 50 trees near the recreation reserve for the whole town to have access to fresh fruit.

The photos are self explanatory, the last photos are Yabbies from a friends dam- this make sit even more special- I went with another friend and his 3 boys, I had Mason with me- they 4 boys were ecstatic- running back and forth with yabbies in their nets- even squealing as they ran around- now thats special- memories!!! having fun, getting food from the wild- it does not get better than that as a man or young boys- hunting with their fathers. All men should practice this with their kids- its not all about meat- hunting nuts, berries, mushrooms plants- its being out collecting that’s the important bit- so…

and now today- Christmas- we are eating the little blighters- together with the family that helped me gather them- its the circle of life these kids need to experience- the yabbies are getting some R & R in my bath tub- cleaning them out- just because we are going to kill an animal and eat it does not mean we disrespect that animal- infact its even more of a reason to take care of them- you cant be happy & healthy eating unhappy and uncared for animals. If you dont know about the life of the animal or even food that you are eating them maybe its time to have a look- is what you are eating- happy, healthy, sustainable?

Jungle Onion flower Thornless blackberry blackberries
Garlic Platt

Garlic Platt



Yabbies in Bath tub

Yabbies in Bath tub

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A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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