Progress- worth crying over!

It’s only the start of December but I have already been harvesting onions- they have done really well planted in the dead of winter, they have slowly grown and then hit their straps once the soil has warmed. I ended up putting in 3 full beds- the good old onion seems to find its way into almost every meal- the only time it gets left out is meat and veg nights- else it’s in all casseroles, soups, BBQs, Stir fry’s, spaghetti, pasta bakes, and the list keeps going.

Looks like20141109_174520

the poor little old humble onion is actually a super food- which all “NEW” Super foods are about $$$$- For me its the tried and tested Veg already that are the Super Foods

Another snap shot of the garden- growing

Also a really close friend to the onion, which also seems to be a staple in this house hold is the Garlic- my plats are a bit rough- but that’s part of me- near enough is good enough- depending on what it is- don’t sweat the little stuff

Some other randoms is my 8 year old making naan & chapatti bread


There are lots of other things happening- mostly its camping, fishing and living in the outdoors- the more I can the better- we all under estimate how connected we are spiritually to the land, our whole life, jobs, family- everything we have we get it from the land and for that I am grateful.

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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