My Way of Life

Its always handy to keep a garden diary- I was talked into planting another round of Broc- which I did not want to once the season is started I usually leave what is in and be done with it. However it turned out really well, we eat Broc quite a bit- I did not plant cabbage this year. Thats the beauty of gardening choosing whats right for your family.

Late season Broc and some little red Gems

Late season Broc and some little red Gems

This is the tomato frame, they are coming along quite well, I realise I will get a load of tomato’s but from last year, I used all my jars of passata up- their is heaps of options- Sun dried, passata, sauce, peeled preserved, chopped, endless possibilities

Tomato frame and beans using Reo

Tomato frame and beans using Reo

The start of my preserving shed- Frame is from neighbours old pergola, pavers from a friend, Shed was from a friend- everything that will be used is recycled- not becasue I cant afford new stuff, but because of what i believe in. Sustainability- its my way of life

Preserving shed foundations

Preserving shed foundations

The pallets in the foreground will be used to make a frame that will house insulation and hopefully keep the preserving house like a cool store- someday to store apples and potatos.

Preserving shed without outer skin

Preserving without outer skin

The first shelves- I will build a work bench, sink and more shelves to store jams, Home brews and all my wild harvest equipment

Preserving jars

Preserving jars

On another good note- we have a second power bill since the heater and solar installation- same time last year was $800 this time is $270. We have saved $1080 in the last 2 bill payments already- $10,000 outlay and in last 6 months- 11% return on investment- thats better than any bank will give me- this is how we should be talking about sustainability

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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2 Responses to My Way of Life

  1. Max says:

    Lucky you know other hoarders..

  2. fergie51 says:

    Lookin good! Do you find it difficult to get into the bed to pick tomatoes in the centre? Do you trim laterals? The jury is out with me as to whether that is worth it.

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