My Supermarket

This is my supermarket, with aisles, no best before dates, no packaging, no waste,no carbon foot print, no herbicides, all fresh, seasonal- gee I wonder why everyone doesn’t do this? My Supermarket has an element of love, I love it and it loves me back, it gives me fresh food that grows my soul, gives me nourishment against disease and health, it protects my family.
What does your Supermarket do for you ???

My Supermarket

My Supermarket

These tomato frames are something I have done for some years now- first learned off John Ditchburn from John has been an inspiration and leader in this field for many years now.

tomato frame

tomato frame

Something we have recently saved from a friend and now installed was an original Hills Hoist Clothesline- Why- because the news ones are shite!!! Plastic, thin and will break- they are also smaller so dont hold as much washing.

Something else I have been doing is planting more food on my front garden, here are some Artichokes and strawberrys- I am still to put up some signage about people helping themselves. Its my contribution tot he “Food is Free”movement and believe in my community




About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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