Embrace the season

It will probably go down as another record breaking warm winter but still I hear people complaining about the cold- how soft we have become in our heated/cooled homes. We have really only had a few weeks of normal cold winter weather. We need it so the fruit trees can rest, so the winter veg can mature and grow without bursting their heads of broc or Cauliflower. Its about embracing each season and enjoying for what it brings. Winter the time for hearty food, for hunting Deer and giving the fish a rest. It balances out what we harvest so we don’t over exploit 1 species or rely on 1 fruit or vegetable too much. I am happy to eat seasonally, at first it feels a little scary but you get used to it very quickly. If its not meant to be growing right now then don’t buy it- else you will have food miles that will scare anybody. This 1 act alone could save a massive amount of carbon/ pollution/ support local growers etc.

So the carbon tax was repealed- we will move to an ETS anyway- the carbon tax was only a stepping stone, the wheels are in motion for renewables and being taken up all round the world at a massive scale- Australia will get left behind and we will see the death of electricity being produced by Coal. We will not see the end of Coal- its too valuable to let it si tint he ground- rather as a substitute for fertiliser or the like.

Some random snaps of what happening in the yard. I have pruned the fruit trees and also done some at my parents and their neighbours house. No payment- it will come around when the time comes. 



once you cut the head off the broccoli- let it grow as more shoots will come and you will get as much as the head so doubling the amount

once you cut the head off the broccoli- let it grow as more shoots will come and you will get as much as the head so doubling the amount

My first Sweet Potatos

My first Sweet Potatos

My pruning tools

My pruning tools


and the first cauli for the season.



About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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2 Responses to Embrace the season

  1. fergie51 says:

    Wow, bit envious of those sweet potatoes. I’ve got a couple of strikes just started but they are struggling in the greenhouse. I love winter in the garden!

  2. franash says:

    The winter season is great- not heaps to do but nothing better than rugging up in some old clothes and heading out into the weather- good foody time as well, lots of hearty meals- Lambs shanks, soups etc

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