Welcome to the jungle

I love this time of year- this is harvesters season- when all fruits and most veggie gardens are over flowing with goodness.

Finding little surprises like these is heart warming



Hidden Butternut pumpkin treasures

Hidden Butternut pumpkin treasures

After all that collecting there is the processing- for this I use the traditional Italian way.

crush tomato with hand- squeeze out water
Run crushed tomato’s through my Tespade mincer with tomato attachment
place tomato flesh in pot
Cook for a while with salt, Garlic and fresh Basil
clean bottles ( sterilie quality)
heat up in oven
place hot tomato contents in hot jars- put lids on and as the cooling takes place- a vacuum is created
and vola – preserved tomatoes

a box full of tommies - ripening in a dark cupboard

a box full of tommies – ripening in a dark cupboard

Tomato Passata

Tomato Passata

Something else I love to make is tomato sauce with a kick ( chilli) I call is Ash’s Hoochie Mumma sauce

Tomato sauce with chiili

Tomato sauce with chiili

Its also another important time of year now that the weather has heated up enough to Home brew- first batch is for WIFE: Pear and strawberry cider

Brew time- hmmm

Brew time- hmmm

there was 20 green bottles sitting............

there was 20 green bottles sitting…………

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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