Progress- slowly slowly

Its been a while which usually been I have been busy pleasing the finance gods and working too much. I have still been busy beavering away, which is a good analogy- beavers keep working day to day on activities that will build a dam in the long term, provide them with more water for protection. Flood more forest so they can reach more wood safely so they can build more dams etc etc. Get the picture.

Except my goal is to live more sustainable, be more self reliant, and that includes my network of friends, my other foody gatherers.
so what I aim to do in the big scheme of things is to turn my house block into a food production place without loosing the yard for the kids. Food= vegetables ( all year round), fruit trees, berry canes, vines, nuts and herbs. basically if i eat it and I can grow it myself then I am growing it. Chooks for eggs and meat. other meats from my network and deer hunting and the occasional fishing trip. Yabbies, mushrooms etc anything that I can wild harvest.

Then there is the whole efficiency thing. Aim to get away from electricity as much as I can then put on a solar system- in that order I am not going to buy a large system to cover what I am using now, that would defeat the purpose. What I am going to do is to A. install a large wood heater, with a water jacket- this will heat my house and provide hot water. B. Change my hot water over to solar with electric boosted ( hopefully my heater will cover all that). C add another layer of insulation in the roof. D slowly overtime change all my windows over to double glazed. E. install a bottled gas stove – just for cooking. F. then look at solar. I am also looking at some water tanks and grey water systems to water various parts of my garden.

Somewhere in all that I wish to build myself a purpose mudbrick shed for all my food preserving stuff.

I am also trying to grow some native gardens for native insect and bird life. I am happy to grow fruit trees on the nature strip- happy to share.

no photos= sorry whom can I blame for this-

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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