Finally- Step toe has been worth it

Its been ages since I posted and its got to do more with moving house than anything- now the real fun begins- how to turn my house block into something that will produce lots of food with limited space- and how to update my home to be more energy efficient in many ways- this is the journey.


some snaps of the yard that as I update will inform you of what I am doing.

First was to build a chook house & yard- eggs and chicken meat can be easily had in a house block.IMG_1606

front yard


chook house

chook house

IMG_1609IMG_1611 back yardIMG_1612 IMG_1613

plenty of saved wood, tin and all sorts of things that I will turn into chook house, cat run, kids cubby, and plenty of veggie garden bedsIMG_1614an old existing bed that I threw some garlic into

so stay tuned for updates.

things inside the house are all electric- so firstly I would like to get a wood heater with a water jacket- then solar hot water and solar panels- this way I am cutting the power usage first then when I get solar it will only need to be a small system. Long term I will change over to double glazing and so forth. Garden stuff also will be up to a dozen fruit trees and much more

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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