Gold in them there hills

It was while I was out hunting rabbits, something I have done forever not because I enjoy killing things but because I am passionate about my environment, I know these animals despite being all cute and cuddly are the most destructive animals to have set foot on our shores, apart from us of course. So like most shooters Australia wide if given the chance we will always shoot rabbits, these animals alone can change ecosystems, change the ecology of the plant community, eat seedlings that will grow into mighty trees and harbour owls, bats and many bird species. These little critters can reach out and effect most animals on this continent, that’s no mean feat! Thus its something I have pursued as protective measures for my environment- to use a rifle and selectively dispatch them, quick, painless and species specific. I was walking along in the lush green grass that’s being irrigated near Seaspray Victoria. Then I noticed these little beauties, which actually turned out to be not so little, horse Mushrooms and bleeding red Mushrooms ( well I think that’s what they are called)

Boxful of Mushrooms

Boxful of Mushrooms

There turned out to be at least 10 large rings of them. I waited till the next day so we could come back as a family, also fond memories from my childhood searching through paddocks for Mushrooms. The smell is unreal, so earthy, they must be good for you. I then hared some at work and heard all the horror stories about poisonous  this is all too funny, yes there are poisonous ones, but there are also poisonous octopus and still we eat lots of other octopus without a thought for the poisonous ones. I watch those same people then go out and buy some takeaway food and they are worried about eating food that might hurt them, really………..

SO now i find my self eating these little beauties for breakfast and Dinner time. Cooked simply with butter and chopped garlic, Divine. Its officially Mushy Season, what can you see in the grass?


About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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