Old Haunts

A short trip back to Ballarat over the Easter weekend, a trip out to some old friends at Lal Lal demolition, got some blood boiling and stirred up emotions about building with recycling woods- how we just go on and burn and knock down houses from the past and don’t even keep our hard wood, it should be kept and continually recycled- we have some of the best hardwood in the world and we don’t value it. It must be one of the best yards in Victoria- I dare anyone to have a visit and not be amazed- any home builder that is this way inclined must visit Lal lal.

the yellow brick road- dream are made along here

the yellow brick road- dreams are made along here

look what I found

look what I found

Whilst in Ballarat I visited some old friends, whom are building just a dream house, environmentally friendly, best of all is self designed and lots of it self built, using wood from the trees that grew on the block- you can feel its built with lots of love!. Well done Gav and Rache. On the way back home I passed a Walnut tree, an instantly the wild harvester came to the forefront  I grabbed a bag and quick as a flash on autopilot I was picking harvesting and wishing I could reach a little higher- this then spurred me into over drive as I dove past all my walnut trees that are growing around the Ballarat township- A small tree near the Harold street shops is easy to get up and the kids were soon climbing and yelling out- “here’s another one Dad”. So easy to instill the lure of the hunt or gather in this case

the harvest under way

the harvest under way

kids in trees

chloe going for her life

even the 3 year old can get involved

even the 3 year old can get involved

bag full

bag full of fesh walnuts- theres nothign like it

On another step to being more environmentally friendly we moved away from a large commodore station wagon to a beautiful Volkswagen Golf- we are supremely impressed



I also got busy during the last weekend and was asked to come along to the South Gippsland sustainability festival and speak about preserving food- mostly focused on fruit using the fowlers vacola method and tomato stuff- I mostly spoke about the journey that goes with preserving- its a preserving the soul journey, its preserving friendships and preserving ones community- its not about the food its about the people involved. I spoke about the lower carbon transaction that go with preserving and the opportunity to use it fresh and then freeze any left overs as a “second bite: option. I Spoke about me knowing my food- I knew where I go the jars, I knew where each different fruit came from, the people I swapped with, the fruit that I got form roadsides, the places that I had acquired them from, I know my food- I know whats in it and how its been treated- how can we be well if we don’t feed ourselves with well food?.

My stall- ready for my talk

My stall- ready for my talk

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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