Swings and round abouts

It seems this year that I have lost my battle to keep tomato’s, back to the drawing board, the best thing about a failure is that there is a learning that can come from these events. Generally lifelong leanings.

Still I have some plans to buy them off local growers and still preserve them and do what I need o do which is still better than buying tomato puree, sun dried tomato’s etc from good knows where. The plan includes a group of us preserving together which is the best thing that food can do for us- bring us together

I did manage to salvage a few tomatos so I preserved them ( hot style) cook tomatos with salt and garlic, blend them up, clean and heat jars in oven and put hot tomato puree into hot jars, do the lid up and as it cools the suction happens and all the goodness is kept inside till you need them

getting ready to preserve tomatos

getting ready to preserve tomatos

tomato preserved

tomato preserved

I did mange to get a few days off and snuck off to Eden with the boat, I already had some older family there, I ended up fishing with Mum in the boat, which does not happen that much just the 2 of us was nice.

Mum with a good catch of flathead and taylor              Mum with a good catch of Flathead and Taylor
Its lucky I have lots of recipes for zucchini bread, chocolate cake, slice etc- its a pretty versatile veggie, bbq’ed is my favourite ( apart from the chocolate cake)


Zuchini monsters

Zucchini Monsters


and to finish up, there is nothing like a pan full o fresh gummy shark that you have caught yourself.  I still am amazed how when i dish up tea and know that a reasonable amount if not all is from our own hands- I know that I am doing the best for my kids, they know where food comes form, to respect all living creatures and to care for country

Gummy Shark - rolled in a little flour

Gummy Shark – rolled in a little flour

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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