Opportunity knocks and hard work delivers

It has been a different season for me- I have been away for the early part of summer and have left my father in charge of the veggie garden, which is fine but- we all have our own ways. Whilst away I still managed to harvest some fish and go prawning 2 nights which yielded quite well- we did not go hungry, all the meat we had with us was our own we could have taken less and kept more fish.


Prawns & Octopus

Prawns & Octopus


Learning to catch your own food starts young- Chloe 6

We also found some local grown milk- unhomogenised

Real Milk

Real Milk

On the way back form Wallaga lake we stopped off at the Famous Tathra Jetty- some things never change- there’s nothing like lying down looking into the water at a jetty

jetty dreaming

jetty dreaming

The Car as I referred to was out Indian train (Loaded to the hilt)

Left nothing behind

Left nothing behind

Once we got home and back to work- it is the season for harvesting and I have started to get some zucchini but the tomato’s are fighting a losing battle with harlequin bugs- night after night they attack and I am losing this war.

Work sprang up and I was based at the airport with the Gippsland fires for the next 14 days straight  doing 12 to 14 hours per day- so things got a little hazy in the middle- but I am getting back on track now that it is over- first day off and I am busy squeezing an freezing lemon juice


I did also manage to find a surplus of apples that were being delivered to us as food rations- so instead of letting them go to waste- best I seize the opportunity and preserve them for later use.

I added some sugar to help keep them but also some cloves which make simple apples into something else.










I am also pleased to have several different types of potatoes in my box



Still countless things I have not done this year to date- plum harvesting and blackberry- will have to wait and see what pans out- when opportunity knocks take it- when you have an abundance of 1 thing sure as eggs you will lack in other ways- but I am happy to live by mother natures rules. As I sit down to Gummy shark caught off Port Albert less than a month ago- I know not to waste any of this meat and am happy to know we only took what we needed and threw back plenty that we could have kept.

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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