Sausage rolls with a Twist

Things are really starting to take off in the veggie garden, tomato’s, potato’s, zucchini- well everything is going gangbusters. Doing plenty of swapping already.

Sat down to a tea of homegrown Osso Bucco- now theres a meal fit for a king. I am sure not enough people have ever tried this. Its to die for.

Fran made some homemade sausage rolls tonight which are just devine. We used the Venison sausage mince that I made an dsome Beef mince, form my uncles farm. Home grown herbs and Vola


Venison & Beef Sausage rolls cooking- hmmmmmmmm

The recipe is

1kg of Venison sausge mince (made last time we made sausages)

1 kg of Beef Mince

Home grown parsley, tomato sauce & Plum Sauce

pastry, milk, pepper, some flour and thats all.

Venison & Beef sausage rolls

This weekend I am off to make some more venison sausages, having a freezer clean out and using up the veniosn that has not been eaten, some cassarole beef and some pork chops that have seeen better days. We are coming into summer so Snags will get used.



About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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