Fishing Season- white meat on the menu

2 Gummy Shark & Flathead

Young 7 Gill Shark

Port Jackson shark




Some snaps from the fishing day- nice to put some fresh gummy shark and flathead into the freezer-Good day out- man catching fish for his family  seals swimming around and a small pod of whales just 300 metres away. Thrown plenty back- some for me and some to stay in the bigger system that is feeding me. Will share some with friends- we do some food swapping. Its the greatest gift another human can do for one another- giving up a resource such as food to give it to another person is without pleasurable for both parties.

It did give me a lift after camping at Golden beach for the weekend,not that it was not good but just struggle with the whole rubbish around the camp sites and people leaving rubbish and bottles on the beach. obviously people have no connection tot he natural surroundings and just go about camping without realising what it does for us. If they knew what positives it has on us they might actually think before throwing littler. It has been proven that humans have always thrown away rubbish but indigenous people in the past thrown away organic material its only the material that has changed- we cant change behavior so should we focus on the material or work harder to make the connections to nature.

About franash

A sustainable minded, deep thinking, holistic person, wanting to show people how they can provide for most of their own food
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